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    Perfect for race day, the Compressport Race Belt is functional, adjustable and easy to clip on and off. The race belt is made from durable fabric and stitching, and an elasticated design is soft and comfortable. Use one of the belt’s three clips for your race number. The race belt has four elasticated gel holders to keep you fueled on your next triathlon. The belt is available in black or white.

    1 review for Compressport Race Belt – Deep Black

    1. leon.claassen

      A tiny yet very effective little item to have. I’ve also had an issue with pinning race numbers to my expensive race vests, as almost all pins / magnet designs cause damage. With the race belt, I just nip 3 slits in my race number and attach it to the front and I’m ready to go.

      Each of the little elastic holders are also great for storing some quick grab items like a GU or even the odd nutritional bar.

      The race belt is a very versatile little item, and definitely one of those items I would recommend to any runner. I take this belt with me to every single race, even the shorter ones. Another high quality product designer with comfort and efficiency in mind.

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