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Compressport Compression Full Socks V2.1 are ideal for demanding sports. Designed for running, biking, triathlons and can even be worn when playing golf, when taking a walk or excursions. They are light and provide optimum thermo regulation.

The socks allow a more efficient venous feedback from the feet to the heart and better oxygenation. Compression full socks facilitate micro-massage during excercise and boost muscle recovery after training. Every movement administers micro-massage reducing muscle soreness and eliminating lactic acid.

This improved version of compression apparel brings in graduated compression and better ventilation to the feet, striving to oxygenate muscles and eliminate toxins. They also wick away humidity and moisture and help your feet breathe.

Multi-directional 3D dots on the socks ensure maximum grip in shoes preventing feet from slipping during activity that also activate blood circulation through multi point massaging during periods of recovery.

Ultimately, you end up with the most efficient racing socks ever brought to the sporting world.

Compression Full Socks Benefits:

  • Recovery – You will feel it immediately… A feeling of well being, lightness and strength surrounding your legs from the ankle to the groin. It will accelerate venous return preventing blood from stagnating in calves, hamstrings and quadriceps therefore making your legs feel ultra light.
  • Thermo-Aeration – Air enters the product which prevents the sole of the foot from overheating during effort.
Compressport - Full Socks

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