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By far the most exciting news to be published by Tifosi Sports in more recent years, is the announcement in 2017 of our signing of the ON Running shoe brand for the South African market.

Developed and engineered in Switzerland, ON is a range of running shoes that is taking the world by storm. Designed to be PERFECT with a focus on cushioned landing and firm take off, the ON range of running shoes is helping numerous professional athletes to achieve new personal bests at World Championship events and social runners to improve their comfort and running times.
From the outset, ON shoes were meant to be different. Using the experience of Olivier Bernhard, a three-times World Duathlon Champion and multiple Ironman Winner, and the engineering and multifaceted skills of David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti, these three co-founders of ON have achieved a revolutionary design of sports shoes that have won several awards for design and innovation in sports. ON shoes not only look lighter but in actual fact feel lighter too.
From their humble beginnings at their Head Office in Zurich, ON running shoes are now available for sale in more than 1200 (one thousand two hundred) specialist running stores in over 25 countries.
ON shoes are proudly worn by runners like world record holder Tegla Loroupe Frenchman – David Haussand. Tri-athletes and Ironman podium winners using ON include individuals such as Caroline Steffen and Matt Trautman.
In studies conducted by Zurich’s Federal Institute of Technology, it has been found that wearers of ON shoes save an average of two pulse beats per minute and that the shoes reduce the levels of lactate in an athlete’s blood.


Well, maybe it is time to try a pair of ON sports shoes and run a few kilometres in them. The first thing you will notice is that the shoe will allow you to run “the way your body is meant to run.” The result will be unmatched comfort – from the time your foot strikes the ground to the manner in which the shoe allows your weight to transition to the forefoot. You will probably notice that the shoe is naturally stable and your will experience a powerful push-off.

We at Tifosi Sports are convinced that you will be totally converted by the time you come back from your first run in the ON shoes. Our point of reference is that people around the world just love ON and our global market share is growing daily.

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