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On Cloudswift: superior running shoes for the urban jungle

Swiss running shoe brand On has just introduced another shoe to the South African market, and it’s great for urban runners who need a durable shoe that provides bounce and support.

The On Cloudswift has been developed with urban runners in mind, and features a specially developed foam that guarantees greater rebound on surfaces like tar, without sacrificing the cushioning cloud-like feeling you have come to expect from On.

Helion™ was developed by On when no other foam would perform the way the urban setting required it to, and this superfoam is durable, light, agile and soft. Its temperature-resistance capabilities mean the cushioning retains its form and continually provides support, whatever the season.

Cloud elements on the sole of the shoe collapse diagonally to increase horizontal cushioning, as traction comes from durable rubber reinforcements. An engineered mesh sock inside the shoe keeps your feet cool in warm temperatures, and the mechanical side band supports the midfoot and hides your laces.

On co-founder and multiple Ironman champion, Olivier Bernhard describes the Cloudswift as a shoe for runners who expect superior performance.

“‘No compromises’ was the mantra when we set out to create this new superfoam. As a runner, you need your shoe to perform at its best so you can too. You won’t say yes to second best.”

Of course, the On Cloudswift is a beautiful shoe, too – check out the video below.

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