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On Ambassadors 2020: Stan Andrews

After receiving and sifting through hundreds of applications from athletes all over South Africa, it is our pleasure to introduce you to 2020’s On Ambassadors!

This year’s applications far exceeded our expectations, both in quantity and quality, and although we can only choose a certain amount of people to represent On at events in 2020, we are already looking forward to your applications in 2021. If this year’s entrants are any indication, we are excited to see what the amateur and professional sporting world will dish up in the future.

We are honoured to introduce you to 2020 On Ambassador, Stan Andrews.

Please tell us about your favourite type of sport? How / when did you start doing this sporting / fitness activity?

I LOVE triathlon! In fact, I love anything that gets your body moving. I only took an interest in triathlon at 33 (seven years ago) after I successfully climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, and was then looking for a new goal. Little did I realise that the bug would bite.

How has triathlon changed your life?

Triathlon literally changed my entire perception and outlook on life. It made me realise that we as humans are capable of anything. I stopped smoking, lost weight, and became fitter, healthier and much happier!

What advice do you have for people who are just starting out with a new fitness routine?

Consistency is key. Many little goals make up a big goal. Don’t expect too much too soon. 12 weeks of consistency, and you will be in a different world.

How important is having quality footwear when training?

It is unbelievably important. Your footwear is all that supports and cushions the impact on your feet, which transfers directly into your body.

Do you prefer to train alone or with other people?

Definitely with others. It’s much easier to be held accountable when you’re not alone, and accountability is one of the success factors in achieving goals.

What race or event are you most looking forward to this year?

There are a few local events, such as the Bellbuoy Challenge swimming event, the People’s Triathlon and the Lorraine Cycle Tour.

What is your sporting motto?

“If you can, move!” and “embrace mobility”.

What role do you believe your sporting discipline can play in the upliftment of communities or of our country?

Sport in itself brings people together. When people finish their first triathlon, most are then motivated to apply that success into the rest of their lives.

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