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Key features to look out for before you buy a fitness tracker

Wearable fitness devices are all the rage, and the market for these nifty little gadgets has expanded significantly – both in terms of the people that buy them, and of the range of devices that are available.

With so many devices, there are certain features you should keep in mind before buying a fitness tracker. If the device you’re looking to acquire ticks all these boxes, you’re literally good to go.

  1. A heart rate monitor: Heart rate monitors allow you to track the intensity of a workout as it’s taking place.
  2. A calorie tracker: Most wearable fitness trackers will show you the amount of calories burnt post-workout, but many also have features that allow you to keep track of your weight, and to monitor your calorie intake by uploading your food intake.
  3. A distance tracker: A built-in pedometer will track the amount of steps you take every day, as well as keeping track of the distance you cover when going for a jog, cycle or other activities.
  4. A sleep tracker: A proper sleep routine is just as important as a proper fitness regime, and many fitness trackers can be worn to bed to assess the quality of your sleep.
  5. Water and sweat-resistance: Good fitness trackers will be water and sweat-resistant. This allows you to prolong the life of your device.
  6. Waterproofing: If you want to track your laps in the pool, devices that are waterproof are of paramount importance.
  7. A good display size: Navigating through the features and functions of your fitness tracker requires a decent display size, but the size of your device is often a matter of taste and practicality.
  8. Wireless capabilities: If you want to easily connect your device to other electronics, it will have to have some form of wireless capability. Also check its compatibility with other devices you already own.
  9. An adjustable band: A fitness tracker is a device that you almost don’t want to be aware of wearing, which is why adjustability is so important.
  10. Decent battery life: There’s no point in investing in a fitness tracker if it’s not going to last the amount of time it takes to do two workouts.

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