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Keep an eye out for Our Ambassadors at the IRONMAN World Champs

The IRONMAN 70.3 World Champs are currently taking place in Nelson Mandela Bay. This is the first time that the Windy City will host the event, following the IRONMAN African Championships, which took place earlier this year.

Over 6000 athletes will take part in the event, and we are proud to announce that a number of Compressport and ON Ambassadors will also be vying for the title.

Audrey Seale (race number 820), Louise Cilliers (race number 1155), Miguel Netto (race number 2398), Nicola Biani (race number 1382) and Pieter Beukes (race number 2191) will take part in this test of strength and endurance on 1 and 2 September, and there is an easy way to track them as they compete.

To view the race’s event schedule, get notifications on race day, and to track athletes, simply download the IRONMAN Tracking App. The app can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices for free.

Download the IRONMAN South Africa App (also available on iOS and Android) to stay up-to-date with local IRONMAN events.

We wish our Compressport and ON Ambassadors the best of luck for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships, and will be following your journey from start to finish.

Also, remember to drop by the Tifosi, Compressport and ON stall at the Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment Complex in Port Elizabeth if you are going to be in town for the World Championship.

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