Peter Beukes, Tifosi Sports Brand Ambassador

Introducing Tifosi’s Ambassadors: Pieter Beukes

Tifosi’s call for entries to become an ambassador for some of our brands was met with great enthusiasm and hundreds of applicants. Tifosi was thrilled to announce the final list of 29 ambassadors in April, and now it is our pleasure to introduce you to the guys and girls who represent Tifosi’s brands when they compete in numerous events across the country and abroad.

In this article, as a part of a series about our new ambassadors, we introduce Pieter Beukes.

What is your favourite sport?


What do you love most about your choice of sport?

The sense of accomplishment when all your training and race plans come together makes all those hard training hours worthwhile!

When did you start participating in this sport and what made you get into it?

I started triathlon about 3 years ago. Having played squash at provincial level, I used to run as extra fitness training. It didn’t take long for me to develop a love for running! I then started mountain biking, again for the extra fitness for squash. I was down in Port Elizabeth on holiday and saw someone swimming by himself out just past the pier at Hobie Beach, and I thought that looked so relaxing – I had to try swimming out! One of my close friends had just completed his first full Ironman and told me there is no better feeling of accomplishment than running on the red carpet at an Ironman race. I had to give triathlon a go and try to complete an Ironman. I have now completed two Ironman African Championships, three 70.3 events, numerous shorter distance events, I have represented the Tshwane Triathlon Association at Nationals in 2018, and qualified for the 70.3 Ironman World Championships to be held in Port Elizabeth in September this year.

What is your favourite piece of Compressport apparel and why do you use it?

I have three favourite items. The V2 triathlon shirt – the soft feel ensures there is no chance of chafing, and I like the pockets all around your waist. I also like the V2 triathlon short because of the quality of the chamois. It stays in place throughout the entire race. And then, definitely the R2V2 calf sleeves. My legs feel really light throughout my runs when I use the calf sleeves, no matter what the distance is, and they don’t feel so fatigued afterwards. I also wear them for a while after each run to help with recovery, and it really does help!

How do you stay motivated – especially during the winter and over holidays?

My training has become a part of my lifestyle by now and helps to clear the mind after those long business days. Holidays are great for training! No motivation needed there!

What advice would you give someone who has just started their fitness journey?

Sign up with a coach or training group. It really helps to be around like-minded people to learn from and answer any questions you might have in the early stages. Get involved with your training plan. Understand why you are doing the things your coach wants you to do, and don’t just do them for the sake of training. It will also help with motivation if you understand the training a little more.

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