Michael Gombart, Tifosi Sports Brand Ambassador

Introducing Tifosi’s Ambassadors: Michael Gombart

Tifosi’s call for entries to become an ambassador for some of our brands was met with great enthusiasm and hundreds of applicants. Tifosi was thrilled to announce the final list of 29 ambassadors in April, and now it is our pleasure to introduce you to the guys and girls who represent Tifosi’s brands when they compete in numerous events across the country and abroad.

In this article, as a part of a series about our new ambassadors, we introduce Michael Gombart.

What is your favourite sport?

Trail running and triathlon.

What do you love most about your choice of sport?

With trail running, I enjoy the freedom of just being able to get out and run in exciting and beautiful places. It’s a great way of exploring the natural world around us. Just getting out and getting active on the trails is something that we can all do, regardless of speed or fitness. When it comes to triathlon, I enjoy being pushed to find out how far and how fast I can go over the three disciplines. It’s a race against others, but I prefer to see it as a race against myself to get faster, fitter and stronger at it. The vibe and support at triathlon events also helps keep the motivation up throughout.

When did you start participating in this sport and what made you get into it?

In 2013, I weighed 26kg more than I do now, I had high cholesterol and was a rather unfit bar-fly. I realised that what I was doing to my body was not going to serve me well in the long run. The old mantra of “use it or lose it” kept running through my head, and I decided to make the change. I started off by getting into running. This helped me kick alcohol and cigarettes, get my cholesterol in check, and lose weight. As I progressed, I was able to go from not being able to run 5km to now running 21.1km in 78 minutes, qualifying for and racing in the ITU World Duathlon Champs twice, and taking part in Ironman 70.3s.

What is your favourite piece of Compressport apparel and why do you use it?

I have two favourites. For racing or training, my Compressport triathlon shorts are a must. I use these not only for triathlon and duathlons, but find them perfect for trail and running-specific events, too. For recovery and travel, the Compressport R2V2 Calf Sleeve is always handy. It has saved my legs many times. Keeping my feet happy through training and racing is very important to me. I use the On Running CloudFlow on the road, and the Cloud Venture Peak on the trails. They’re super light and they look cool as a bonus.

How do you stay motivated – especially during the winter and over holidays?

Just like life, trying to keep fit and healthy isn’t always easy, and has its ups and downs. On the bad days, I just remind myself why I’m doing it. I want to be healthy and active throughout my life, so even though it’s hard now, it’ll be worth it tomorrow, and I take it day by day. I want to be the guy that still runs marathons at 75, and to do that I need to keep my body strong now. The other thing with winter is it offers a wonderful change to your regular running route, and with the right gear you’ll be just as comfortable outside. I also like to regularly remind myself that consistency is the difference between achieving your goals, or not.

What advice would you give someone who has just started their fitness journey?

I’d like to think my journey shows it’s never too late to get fit, get healthy and get active. Also, remember it’s a lifestyle. Embrace it, enjoy it. Every one of us is capable of amazing things, and we were born with the tools to do so. So, never compare yourself to other people or their journey, rather write your own story. And remember, each kilometre you do, whether it’s walking, running, cycling or swimming, makes you that much stronger, that much fitter, and gets you that much closer to your goal.

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