Franco Oosthuizen, Tifosi Sports Brand Ambassador

Introducing Tifosi’s Ambassadors: Franco Oosthuizen

Tifosi Sports a call for entries to become an ambassador for some of our brands was met with great enthusiasm and hundreds of applicants. Tifosi was thrilled to announce the final list of 29 ambassadors in April, and now it is our pleasure to introduce you to the guys and girls who represent Tifosi’s brands when they compete in numerous events across the country and abroad.

In this article, as a part of a series about our new ambassadors, we introduce Franco Oosthuizen.

What is your favourite sport?

Road running, and track and field.

What do you love most about your choice of sport?

The challenge between mind and body, and the satisfaction of achieving specific goals. It also helps me clear my mind after a long day or a tough week – I get a sense of recharging out of it.

When did you start participating in this sport and what made you get into it?

I started when I was about 6 years old. My brother and sister competed in athletics in primary school, and I wanted to run with them. From there on, everything is history. I was privileged to get my Gauteng and South African colours in the 1500m on the track and cross country. In later years, I became a social runner and also started coaching young athletes. I never wanted to do the Comrades until I went along as a supporter for my brother. I was so overwhelmed by the atmosphere and decided there and then that this is the type of challenge and achievement I want to experience. In 2010, I ran my first Comrades Marathon, and I haven’t stopped since.

What is your favourite piece of Compressport apparel and why do you use it?

I love my R2V2 Calf Sleeve compression socks. They are the perfect companion for my long runs during my Comrades training, and I will definitely be wearing them during the Comrades this year. And don’t forget about the Compressport Ultralight Visor V2 to keep me cool and ultra-ventilated during my runs.

How do you stay motivated – especially during the winter and over holidays?

My wife and daughter are my biggest supporters. They are always behind me, and encourage me in everything that I do. I’m also privileged to coach a bunch of wonderful young athletes. They look up to me every day, and that motivates me to push myself and be the best I can to be a good example for them. During the winter and holidays I always try and do my exercises as early as possible to get it over and done with before the day starts. Having end goals set for myself motivates me.

What advice would you give someone who has just started their fitness journey?

The best advice I can give is that consistent, uninterrupted training is the key to success. In this case, putting one step before the next. If you are new to running, start by using a walk/run strategy. Walk 3 minutes and jog for 1 minute, and continue like this for 30 minutes. As you start to get fitter, you can increase your running time and reduce the walking time, until you can run a comfortable 30 minutes. If you have the baseline for running, you can start by following a more intense training program later on to achieve your goal.

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