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How the Cloudventure takes trail running to new heights

A rough environment requires a shoe that packs a punch, and whether you’re a trail runner or a hiker, there simply isn’t any better option when you’re in the great outdoors than the On Cloudventure.

The Cloudventure is a lightweight neutral trail shoe, equipped with specially developed Missiongrip™ rubber to ensure that you never lose your grip, even on the steepest downhills and slopes. The secret is the multiple grip patterns on the Missiongrip™ outsole, keeping you steady even when conditions abruptly change, or you’re navigating particularly smooth terrain.

Below the Missiongrip™ outsole, you’ll find the same zero-gravity cloud elements that have become the trademark of On’s range of shoes, and the 11 individual pods that make up the CloudTec® sole’s responsive cushioning will have you feeling like you’re walking on air, even if you are firmly planted to the earth with every stride.

On the run in wet or damp conditions? The Cloudventure’s special two-layer mesh upper is both breathable and water-resistant, and the addition of a protective toecap, made from rubber and engineered mesh, protects every part of your foot, even when the elements put your entire body to the test.

In short, the Cloudventure is a welcome addition to the trail running shoe market and, just like all On’s shoes, every pair of Cloudventures features the same marvels of Swiss engineering as its siblings.

The Cloudventure has been designed to stick to the ground, and stick, it does. These shoes were made for the discerning trail runner or hiker, and a pair will be a welcome addition to any runner or hiker’s wardrobe.

This shoe helps you reach bigger heights with every step you take, and it comes in a range of three colours: Reseda | Jungle (the khaki and green are great for afternoon walks or runs through the koppies or on the trails), the striking orange Flare | Dawn (because the sun never sets on a good hike or run) and Shadow | Rock, for when you take to mountains that are the bluest of blue.

To find out where you can find your nearest On retailer, click here, and get your hands on a pair of Cloudventures now.

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