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How smartwatches have changed the way we train

Attend any given parkrun, and you’re sure to see amateur and professional fitness buffs sport smartwatches, keeping track of the kilometres as users brave the trail or road. Indeed, these wearable devices, which are meant to compliment a user’s smartphone and help them to stay focused on their fitness goals, have become the norm for both weekend warriors and for pros.

In fact, smartwatches have changed the way we train – this is how they can be beneficial to anyone on the journey to better health and fitness.

Smartwatches notify and remind users of their fitness goals and progression

The ease of simply checking a wearable device on one’s wrist makes it easier than ever to remain on track with a fitness regime. Because they are able to track everything from the distance walked to the user’s heart rate, people who use smartwatches can easily monitor their progression as they work towards specific health and fitness goals. Fitness trackers and smartwatches synch with fitness apps on a user’s smartphone with ease, meaning users can build a thorough record of their exact training schedules and progress.

Battery life

The battery life of smartwatches is yards better than the battery life on smartphones. While your smartphone’s battery might not last for the duration of a race, a smartwatch’s battery packs a punch, thanks to its smaller display and dedicated software.

Durability and grit

When embarking on a trail run, fitness buffs might feel uncomfortable taking along their smartphone to keep track of their progress during the run. Even in a protective pouch, users may be wary of exposing these expensive electronic devices to the elements. Smartwatches, on the other hand, are made to endure the elements, and are often waterproof and shockproof to boot.


Smartwatches are the obvious way to navigate routes and trails. It’s so much easier just having to glance at your wrist during a run than taking out your smartphone to see which way to go.

When we are constantly reminded of our progress during training, there definitely is an element of motivation that we simply don’t have when we don’t have instant access to all our training data. Ask any smartwatch and fitness tracker enthusiast: these tough little devices are key pieces in the modern athlete’s arsenal.

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