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How On soles propel every run forward

Considering the small surface area they occupy, and the harsh conditions they are subjected to, it’s no wonder that the soles of our shoes are usually the first to show wear and tear.

This is exactly why On’s team of design experts have paid extra attention to this crucial part of every running shoe.

Featuring On’s signature Swiss engineering, On shoes create the sensation of running on clouds because they were not an afterthought during the design process.

Helion™ superfoam

On’s Helion™ superfoam provides superior, versatile cushioning that like nothing you’ve experienced before. Ideal for year-round performance, Helion™ is resistant to temperature changes. Energy return is key, and Helion™ certainly delivers, despite the lightness of the material. Never before has stiffer foam elements been combined with softer elements in this way – and you’ll feel it when you run. Check out the On Cloudswift to give running on clouds a try.

Zero-gravity foam

The advanced abrasion grips featured in On’s zero-gravity foam provide excellent grip across a range of surfaces. The On Cloud’s premium every-day performance is testament to the longevity of this innovative material.


The true test of a running shoe is how it performs on a variety of trails. With all types of topography in mind, Missiongrip™ is the material that turns the unevenness of the trail into the experience of running on clouds – albeit never compromising on grip. The varied track patterns on this sole make it ideal for smooth and rough terrain alike, and combined with Cloudtec technology, turns taking to the trails into running on the clouds. Check out the Cloudventure with Missiongrip™ to experience it for yourself.

Rebound Rubber

Low-abrasion durability is the name of the game, and ensures the longevity of every pair of Cloudsurfers. It’s haptic feedback through the soles of your feet, and it’s responsive and revolutionary.

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