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5 alternative exercise apps for people who hate the gym

Despite realising the importance of exercise, some people simply despise going to the gym. And who can blame them? For a great many people, gym equipment is akin to medieval torture devices, and they prefer keeping their bodies toned in different ways.

Thanks to technology, there are other options available, and we’ve found five apps that take a different approach to fitness and wellbeing.

These are our Top 5 Gym Apps:

1. Couch to 5K

This app promises to get even the most unfit among us to a 5-kilometre run in 9 weeks. The training regimen the app follows starts out slow, and gradually builds momentum. A personal trainer provides audio cues to push a little harder with each session, building up to the ultimate goal: running a 5K.

2. Human

If you are put off by any kind of exercise routine – whether it’s because you don’t like exercise, or whether you’re wary of commitment – Human is for you. It automatically tracks a whole range of movements that are added up to a daily goal of 30 minutes in motion. Once you’re ready, you can up the pace to revise the goal to 60 or 90 minutes of motion a day. On days where you’re more sedentary, the app will remind you to get moving. Human makes exercise out of anything that gets you moving (even dancing counts), which makes it the perfect app for exercise haters.

3. Charity Miles

Partnering with over 40 charities, this app doesn’t aim to only benefit the user. Download the app, choose your charity and get moving. Just like Human, this app doesn’t just consider more traditional ways of exercising when measuring how active you are. You can log a range of activities, including walking and dancing. For every mile you move, the charity you chose earns money.

4. Daily Yoga

For people who prefer their exercise routine with a side of Zen. Daily Yoga provides yoga and meditation classes for people of all fitness levels. The app, which claims to have the largest yoga community in the world, keeps a log of all your sessions, so that you can see and feel how much fitter you’ve become.

5. RockMyRun

This app arranges music mixes by tempo to align the beat of the music you’re listening to with your running pace. Ranging from easy jogs (about 120 beats per minute) to hard runs (roughly 150 beats per minute) this app will get you up and going before you know it.

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