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Gamify your exercise routine with these apps

Is an inherently competitive approach to life just part and parcel of being someone who is interested in health and fitness? Everyone is different, but one can’t help noticing that the gym buddy who pushes you to your limits during workouts is also often also the guy who takes board games very seriously.

Without realising it, we may gamify our workouts on a regular basis, turning them into competitions, and helping us to push ourselves even further on our journey towards the body we aspire to have.

Turning workouts into games can go a long way in motivating us, and also brings an element of fun into the gym. Especially if you find your workouts becoming tedious, give these apps a try, and level up your exercise routine.

1. Fitocracy

Available for Apple devices, Fitocracy is one of the most popular fitness communities on the internet. Comprising both fitness and nutrition, Fitocracy lets users track their weight-loss or workout progress by participating in role-playing games where working out and maintaining a healthy diet is what helps you to ascend through the different levels of the game. Join teams, and participate in challenges with the support of other people, or let your own goals be your motivation to succeed.

2. Zombies, Run!

Certainly the most original and one of the most fun running apps out there, you have to try Zombies, Run! if you’re looking to improve your running times. In the app, the zombie apocalypse is upon us, and the only way to stay alive and keep your brain safe from the undead is to run from them. The app features a number of different missions, all aimed at keeping you safe – while motivating you to achieve quicker times, too. The app is available for Android and Apple devices.

3. Burn your fat with me!!

Anime and graphic novel fans will love this app, which motivates users by using “moe”, a Japanese concept which is used to describe “that special, heart-melting feeling you get when you see an adorable female character”. Burn your fat with me!! is a virtual anime dating simulator – but to get the girl, you’ll have to build an enviable body first, with the help of a cute anime trainer and a number of storylines (accessible by using the points you accumulate when you reach your training goals) to keep you motivated along the way. Download it for Apple and Android devices.

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