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Fitness YouTubers that will inspire you

Getting your fitness levels up to where they need to be sometimes tends to feel like a solitary journey, especially if you aren’t training with someone else.

But, believe it or not, YouTube isn’t just for cat videos. Check out these fitness YouTubers and let them inspire you with their determination, dedication and pure perseverance.

1. Fitness guru Mark Bell

If you lift, Mark’s your man. This former professional wrestler and elite powerlifter’s channel is filled with fitness coaching advice that is as useful as it is fun.

2. Matt Ogus

One of the pioneers of the YouTube fitness movement, Matt is a competitive natural bodybuilder who has been making videos since 2011, and his physique is enough to send you straight to the gym.

3. Chris Jones

Another one of the early fitness YouTubers, Chris’ nonchalant attitude is what makes him a joy to watch. Get tips on everything from bulking to workouts, from a man that doesn’t take nonsense from anyone – especially not himself.

4. Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho’s blogilates is pilates made easy. Even beginners will be able to keep up, and Cassey is a fountain of knowledge regarding everything concerning healthy living.


Calisthenics is a good alternative if you want to build strength without having to lift. This channel includes fitness programmes and step-by-step video manuals, and is useful if you’re familiar with this discipline, or not.

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