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Early bird: here are the benefits of exercising in the morning

Experts agree that including some form of daily physical exercise has the power of completely changing a person’s life in more ways than one. Just when you decide to be active is your own prerogative, but there are definite benefits to scheduling your training sessions before your day truly kicks off.

Check out these five benefits of exercising in the morning.

1. Morning exercise leads to improved sleep patterns

According to the National Sleep Foundation, exercising in the morning leads to better sleep, and people who exercise at 07:00 in the morning also spend 75% more time in the most reparative stages of sleep than people who exercise later in the day.

2. Exercising in the AM can lead to lower blood pressure

One 2014 study compared the results of people who exercised at different times of day. Among participants, those who trained at 07:00 showed a 10% reduction in their post-workout blood pressure. The blood pressure dip continued throughout the day and lowered even more in the evening.

3. Exercising earlier can lead to greater weight loss

If losing weight is you aim, being an early bird can have great benefits. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity earlier this year found that people who exercise before noon lose significantly more weight than those who exercise after 15:00.

4. Morning exercise sets the tone for a productive and optimistic outlook for the day

The mental health benefits of physical exertion are well documented, and a rush of endorphins (mood-boosting and pain-killing hormones) early in the day will help you feel less anxious and more optimistic about the workday that lay ahead.

5. Early exercise helps you make good wellness choices throughout the day

Starting your day in a way that is conducive to good health helps you avoid bad dietary and lifestyle choices throughout the day. Making health the very first focus of your day will assist you in carrying through those healthy choices into every sphere of your life.

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