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Don’t forget to do these quick warm-up exercises before you go for a run

Summer is here, and with it we say goodbye to the cool weather that made your late afternoon jog so much more bearable than it will be in the coming months.

When it’s cold in winter, we might pay special attention to warming up before going for a run, but a recent poll by Runner’s World magazine found that up to 75% of runners to not have a proper pre-run routine. If one takes into account that a thorough warm-up before going for a run doesn’t just reduce the chance of injury, but actually also aids performance, this is simply something that cannot be forgone.

If time is the issue that prevents you from properly warming up before a run, this lighting-fast warm-up routine – recommended by doctor of physical therapy, Katie Dundas – will make your heart sing. Each movement should be done for 30 seconds to a minute.

The quad and piriformis walk

This warm-up targets the quads, glutes and piriformis. Grab your left foot behind you and pull it towards your butt. Release your foot and step forward, then repeat with right foot. Now cradle your left leg at the knee and ankle and pull it up to your chest. Release your leg and step forward, then repeat with your right leg.

The hip opener

This warm-up targets deep hip external rotators. In a standing position, bend your left knee and lift your leg to hip level, then rotate it 90 degrees out. Bring leg back to the front, lower your foot and repeat with right leg.

Arm circles

This warm-up targets the chest, deltoids and upper back. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and lift your arms to shoulder height, with palms facing down and arms straightened. Make small circles for 30 seconds, then change direction and repeat for 30 seconds.

The Frankenstein walk

This warm-up targets the hamstrings. Stand with your feet together, then extend your right leg straight out in front of you and touch the toes of your right foot with your left hand. Lower your right leg and step forward, then repeat with left leg, touching your toes with your right hand.

The leg crossover and scorpion

This warm-up targets the lower back, hamstrings and hip flexors. Lie on your back with your legs straight and your arms stretched out. Lift your right leg up and across your body and tap your right foot to the floor. Bring your right leg back to the original position, and repeat with your left leg, tapping your left foot to the floor. Flip over to lie on your stomach and repeat the same movement for both legs.

The inchworm

This warm-up targets the core, deltoids and hamstrings. Stand up straight, then bend forward at the waist to touch your toes. Walk your hands out into a planking position, hold for two seconds, then walk so your feet meet your hands. Roll up into the starting position and repeat for one minute.

This warm-up routine has been adapted from Runner’s World.

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