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This is how compression clothing aids recovery

If you’re a gym buff, hitting it harder and harder as time goes on is probably your idea of hard training. One should, however, keep in mind that continuous extreme training could stall your progress. Allowing your body to recover is an essential part of muscle building, and some coaches and trainers would even say that it is the most essential part of training. If there’s no time for recovery, there will be no time for your body to make any progress. Keeping yourself injury-free is of the utmost importance to ensure consistent training efforts that will result in massive gains.

What is recovery?

Recovery is a very specific process, and blood flow is extremely important here, as it transports oxygen and other nutrients, and speeds up the elimination of toxins. Wearing compression clothing during and after training will assist in increasing blood flow, which will allow your body to recover faster. It also reduces swelling and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. The faster you recover, the faster you can get back on the horse. Compression clothing activates blood flow to start the recovery process.

Compression clothing leaves you feeling light and comfortable, which stops you from feeling trapped in your clothing, and improves muscle oxygenation. Wearing compression clothing also reduces delayed-onset muscle soreness, and consequently reduces the risk of muscle damage and inflammation.

Compression clothing can also target specific muscle groups, which gives you the freedom to choose the appropriate compression clothing to assist your individual needs. Runners would make use of compression calve sleeves, compression socks and even compression shirts, whereas cyclists would use compression pants, calve sleeves, arm sleeves and compression shirts and socks.

For optimal recovery within minimal time, it is still suggested that you increase your water intake and take care with your sleeping patterns when using compression clothing.

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