Ironman 2018 Compressport
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These are the pro athletes to watch at this year’s IRONMAN African Championship

The Standard Bank IRONMAN African Championship, which takes place on 15 April in Nelson Mandela Bay, has drawn a crowd of well over 2000 triathletes to the Windy City. These athletes extraordinaire will be competing against each other, the wind…
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IRONMAN weekend warms up with Compressport morning run

In what has become a tradition during IRONMAN competitions all over the world, Compressport again had a morning run in Nelson Mandela Bay on Friday, 13 April. The run set the tone for what promises to be an exciting weekend of triathlon action…
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Get limited edition Compressport gear at IRONMAN African Champs

The Standard Bank IRONMAN African Championship takes place this weekend, and the city of Port Elizabeth is gearing up for another sensational event featuring some of the world’s best triathletes. If you visit the Compressport stand at this…
Ironman 2018 Compressport
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Compressport and ON are at the IRONMAN African Championship

If you’re in Nelson Mandela Bay for the Standard Bank IRONMAN African Championship, remember to drop by the Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment Complex. The Health and Fitness Expo 2018 is the official expo to the Standard Bank IRONMAN Africa…
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IRONMAN African Championship set to cause a bustle in the Bay

For the 14th year in a row, Nelson Mandela Bay is the proud host of the Standard Bank IRONMAN African Championship. Over 2000 athletes – as many as 40% are from abroad – are expected to take part in this test of endurance and speed. The…
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How to start running: a quick guide for people who don’t

Perhaps, for your entire life, you’ve been the person who often exclaims that you HATE running. You’ve never discouraged other from doing it, but you’ve always been very clear: it just isn’t for you. You’ve always been comfortable…
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Here’s an 8-week training schedule for your next half marathon

A half marathon is often described as a “dress rehearsal” for a marathon. If you’ve always had the ambition to run the Comrades Marathon one day, running a half marathon isn’t just a requirement for qualification, it is also the perfect…
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6 tips for keeping cool when running in summer

Despite South Africa’s sweltering climate, there are some benefits when running in summer. For instance, the sun rising earlier and setting later means that there’s a lot of extra time in the day. However, running in summer comes with…
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5 bad runner habits you should fix today

Humans are creatures of habit, and not all habits are good ones. If you’re a runner and you feel like you’ve been hitting a wall in terms of training and performance, you might have incorporated bad habits into your training regime. But…
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10 half marathons to smash in 2018

Whether you’re using it as a qualifier for a marathon, or you just want to set yourself the challenge of completing one, a half marathon is a highlight in any athlete’s running career. We’ve compiled a list of 10 half marathons that…