Black and blue Nalini cycling jerseys

The fabrics used in Nalini custom cycling clothing

At Tifosi Sports, we have a dedicated team focused specifically on fulfilling our customers’ needs with our exclusive range of Nalini-branded cycling customised clothing. If you are part of a cycling team, we can help you to develop a tailored…
Woman cyclist looking distant while riding

The technology behind Tifosi Optics lenses

When choosing the right pair of sunglasses, lenses are the first place to start. Without proper lenses, sunglasses are basically useless. This is why Tifosi offers such a wide range of lens options. Here is a breakdown of the technology behind…
Nalini Cycling Jerseys

Get geared up for summer with superior cycling apparel

Spring is just around the corner, which means it is almost time to stash away your ultra-warm cycling jackets, full-leg bibs, beanies and boots till next year. Once it’s warmer, you’ll be able to don warm-weather cycling kits, hit the road…
On Cloudflash - White and yellow for men and women
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Tifosi Sports’ new CEO tells us about his experience with his new On Cloudflash running shoes

Our recently appointed CEO, Nick Zografos, is a keen cyclist and regular short distance runner. He may not be the fastest runner on the road, but he does like to light up everything he touches or attempts, be it work or social. He was recently…