June 29, 2023
There are everyday champions who walk among us. These are the people who go beyond, who give their all and continue to shine a light for others. These champions could be anyone you know: the generous car guard, the family member who is willing to support others, the mom who makes sure the whole team gets fed on match day.

Each month, Tifosi Sports, which stocks On Performance Running Shoes, helps you honour the heroes in your life through their Count on Me competition. This month we celebrate Paige Desmond, a nurse who is always there for others in both her professional and personal life.

Paige was nominated by her son, Douglas. “My mom is continually on her feet helping others not only through her work duties, as a counsellor, shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with or just brightening someone’s day with her smile,” he says, “My parents only have one car, so to try and increase her fitness, she walks to and from work on most days in the week.”

Paige won a pair of On performance shoes, which she treasures. “I am thrilled and humbled,” she says, saying that the shoes themselves have become her most precious asset because of the amount of walking and standing she does on a daily basis. “These shoes will get me floating as I walk!”

Paige started working as a nurse in 1982 and continues to share her kindness and compassion each day. “I love to see the lame walk, the sick healed and the downcast smiling.”

Paige shares these words of wisdom: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Thank you for being the magnificent, caring individual you are, Paige, and for taking such great care of others. You truly are a champion!
If you know of someone who is an everyday champion, why not enter them in our Count on Me Competition? All you need to do to nominate someone in your community who is making a difference by clicking this link: https://tifosisports.co.za/pages/count-on-me and they can stand a chance of winning a brand-new pair of On Performance Shoes!

Show the people in your life how much of a difference they make. Tell us why you believe they are your everyday hero and put them in line to win a pair of our exceptional On performance running shoes.