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Anti-gravity workouts: fitness on the fly

Many exercise enthusiasts are getting their fitness routines off the ground in a different way, which is taking off and gaining popularity all across the globe.

Depending on where you find yourself in the world, so-called anti-gravity workouts may take a variety of forms, including aerial workouts, pole dancing or total body resistance exercise.

Many of these routines have their origins in AntiGravity, an exercise routine that developed from the early-90s entertainment company of the same name. Started by Christopher Harrison in 1991, AntiGravity was originally aimed at producing entertainment productions that were ultimately taken to such prestigious events as the Olympic Games – there have even been performances on Broadway.

Harrison realised that the hammocks used in AntiGravity performances could also benefit everyday people looking to improve fitness and strength, and devised a programme using a person’s own body weight, while suspended in the air in a hammock made from silk.

Many other iterations of this original workout are now available to people looking to, well, take their fitness to the next level.

Among these, pole dancing classes have gained traction both locally and abroad, and are hailed as a great way to build strength and have fun. The benefits of pole dancing are almost endless, and this form of exercise is said to improve flexibility in the spine and legs, build muscle tone, lower blood pressure, improve balance and stability and boost cognitive abilities.

Aerial silk exercise like AntiGravity wake up dormant muscles (this workout utilises just about every muscle in the body, anyone that has done it will tell you), increasing flexibility and improving body alignment while improving the oxygen supply to the brain.

If you’re bored with traditional forms of exercise, anti-gravity routines might just be the lift you’ve been looking for.

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