Announcement Tifosi Sports Ambassadors

Announcement: Here are our Tifosi Sports Ambassadors!

When Tifosi called for entries for our Ambassador Programmes in November 2017, we weren’t expecting such a great response. Literally hundreds of hopefuls applied to become official ambassadors for Tifosi brands, Compressport and ON running shoes, and with so many capable sportsmen and women, deciding who would ultimately become ambassadors wasn’t easy.

We are proud to announce the final 29 ambassadors, and we are looking forward to seeing them compete in events around the country.

Our Ambassadors

Audrey Seale (Compressport and ON running shoes)
Catherine Gadd-Claxton (Compressport and ON running shoes)
Cindy Schwulst (Compressport)
Conrad Shultz (Compressport and ON running shoes)
Dylan Nortje (ON running shoes)
Dylan van Zyl (ON running shoes)
Fazel Ally (Compressport)
Franco Oosthuizen (Compressport)
Jaco Jonker (Compressport)
Jacques Lotriet (Compressport)
James Metcalf (ON running shoes)
Janesh Ganda (Compressport and ON running shoes)
Janice Watson (ON running shoes)
Johan Stofberg (ON running shoes)
Karin van der Walt (ON running shoes)
Kirsty Searle (ON running shoes)
Louise Cilliers (Compressport)
Lynette Cronk (ON running shoes)
Matthys Beukes (ON running shoes)
Michael Gombart (Compressport and ON running shoes)
Miguel Netto (Compressport)
Nicola Biani (Compressport and ON running shoes)
Noel Young (Compressport)
Pieter Beukes (Compressport)
Reinhard Otto (Compressport)
Robert Pearse (ON running shoes)
Wandisile Nongodlwana (Compressport)
Wanri Venter (Compressport)
Xavier Zealand (Compressport)

Have a  look at all the interviews with our ambassadors and news about the events they compete in here.

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