A need for speed: Here are the fastest things in the world

If you are looking to improve your personal best the next time you take to the trails, you know what it’s like to feel the need – the need for speed – à la Maverick from Top Gun.

This article wasn’t written to discourage your goal of being quicker than you’ve ever been, but rather to motivate you in a truly unusual way. Here are the fastest things in the world today.

The fastest land animal

The cheetah is the undisputed fastest land animal in the world. Able to go from zero to 10km per hour in three seconds flat, this animal was built for speed, with a large lung and heart to help circulate oxygen in its body, and enlarged nostrils to allow for optimum oxygen intake.

The fastest animal on land the cheetah - Tifosi Sports


The fastest air animal

The peregrine falcon is able to reach speeds of up to 389km per hour. Can we all just take a moment and say thank you for not being one of the peregrine’s favourite meals, the pigeon?

The fastest animal in the air the peregrine falcon - Tifosi Sports


The fastest car

The Bugatti Chiron Sport is the fastest production car in the world by, well, a mile. It is able to reach speeds of up to 261MPH (just over 420km/h), beating its nearest rival, the Mercedes-AMG Project One (217MPH) by at least 44MPH, or 70km/h.

The fastest car - Bugatti Chiron Sport - Tifosi Sports


The fastest train

The world’s fastest train can be found in Japan – where else? The JR-Maglev is able to reach speeds of up to 603km/h, thanks to its ability to hover 10cm above the tracks. This is because it is propelled by electrically charged magnets.

The Fastest train - Tifosi Sports


The fastest rapper

You might be able to speak quickly, but you’ll never be quicker than this guy. The rapper Twista is able to rap 280 words per minute. To see just how fast that is, check out the video below, and be amazed.

In a nutshell: Do not be discouraged if you aren’t quite as quick as you’d like to be – there will always be faster things than you. Rather keep in mind that you are only ever competing with someone whose style and flaws you probably know better than anyone (or anything) else’s – yourself.

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