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9 ways in which compression gear affects your body

Compression gear has specific effects on the body when worn during and after physical exertion. But what are these effects exactly?

1. Improved circulation of blood in the body

Graduated compression aids the circulation of blood, both to those parts of the body targeted with compression gear, and to the body as a whole. This is due to increased, graduated pressure, which aids the musculovenous pump by more quickly moving blood from the lower part of your body to the heart, consequently boosting the circulation of blood in the body.

2. Increased oxygenation of the muscles

When blood is circulated through the body more quickly, the muscles are also oxygenated with blood from the lungs more efficiently. Venous return, promoted by compression gear, is key to the efficient return of oxygen to the heart and ultimately to the muscles.

3. Muscle oscillation is reduced

Muscle oscillation occurs when the muscles move due to your foot hitting the ground as you run. This leads to vibrations that move through the body, potentially causing microtears in the muscles and microtrauma to the muscles, joints and bones. Wearing compression gear can help to reduce muscle oscillation and the consequences associated with it.

4. Quicker removal of lactic acid from the muscles

Increased venous return in the muscles, thanks to compression gear also helps to more quickly remove lactic acid, which causes cramps and soreness, from the muscles.

5. Swelling and soreness is reduced

Less lactic acid in the muscles means that soreness and swelling is reduced after physical exertion.

6. Endurance is improved

Wearing compression clothing can lead to a smaller chance of cramps and soreness during exercise. This allows you to increase your endurance during training and races.

7. Strength and power is boosted

Compression gear offers targeted support to those parts of the body that need it most during running and other forms of exercise: the legs and the chest. Because compression shirts and shorts aid posture, you are able to hold the correct form for longer, improving the strength and power with which you carry out workouts.

8. Exercise induced muscle damage is reduced

When the correct form is maintained, the muscles are oxygenated and lactic acid is removed from the muscles more quickly, and the muscle damage typically caused by exercise is reduced. Microtearing and microtrauma brought about by repetitive exercise can be greatly reduced when compression gear is worn during exercise.

9. Quicker recovery post-workout

Wearing compression gear after a workout or a race can aid recovery by providing support to overexerted muscles and joints, and by helping to remove lactic acid from tired muscles. In return, this reduces swelling and soreness in the body.

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