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8 awesome outdoor exercises for autumn

The leaves are starting to turn brown and there’s no doubt that autumn is in the air.

This milder season provides a great opportunity for outdoor exercises – here are eight to consider.

1. Trail running

Trail running is cardio with a view. If the bug hasn’t bitten you yet, prepare to feel the itch right after your first run among the autumn surroundings.

2. Hiking

If you aren’t fond of running, hiking gives you the views, without the lack of breath and the cramps. Hiking is said to burn over 500 calories an hour, and can lower your cholesterol and your blood pressure, as well as reducing your risk of diabetes, heart disease and strokes.

3. Biking

Whether you prefer the road or the trails, biking and mountain biking hold a number of health benefits, is less strenuous than running (depending on how fast you prefer to go and how rough the terrain is, of course) and is loads of fun.

4. Yoga

Yoga aids flexibility, increases muscle strength and can be done just about anywhere. An outdoor yoga session on a bed of fallen leaves sounds pretty idyllic, actually.

5. Touch rugby

The rugby season traditionally kicks off when the weather gets cooler, and a friendly game of touch rugby is a great way to get your mates together before the time comes to bust out the scarves and beanies.

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