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6 unusual types of exercise you might not have heard about

It goes without saying that not all people like the gym. But then there are others who, while not fans of any form of conventional exercise, would still like to keep fit in some way. These people have devised alternative ways to keep their bodies toned and healthy, and even if some of these exercise routines might seem downright strange, they’re certainly worth knowing about.

1. Naked yoga

This one is quite self-explanatory. It’s yoga, but without the pants (or any other clothes, for that matter). If having to witness someone doing the downward dog in the nude doesn’t sound appealing, this might not be for you.

2. Ganja yoga

Again, the name says it all. Before kicking off a normal yoga routine, participants smoke marijuana. People who have partaken in ganja yoga say that the precursor to their exercise helps them to focus.

3. Jukari

Jukari entails getting on a trapeze-like apparatus and doing a set of exercises that, by the looks of it, seems like the most fun you could have to keep fit.

4. Karaoke spinning

Look, spinning classes feature music anyway, the next logical step is to have participants sing along to draw the attention away from the umpteenth revolution of their legs on the stationary bicycle.

5. Water walking

Water-walking participants get into an inflated plastic ball and then have to try and keep their bodies upright by trying to keep moving. This certainly isn’t your, ahem, run-of-the-mill jog down the street!

6. Pound

Combine Pilates and aerobics with drumming and Pound is born. Participants rhythmically beat out dubstep and rocks songs with lightweight exercise drumsticks called Ripstix. Now, this is a rhythm you’ll really feel throughout the routine, and long after you’ve finished a session.

Would you consider doing any of the exercises mentioned in this article? Tell us in the comments below.

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