Wenlock and Mandeville, Created for the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in London

6 of the world’s strangest sports mascots

Sports mascots have a very particular job description: to entertain and rouse the crowd and fire up the team they’re representing. With that being said, some of the mascots created for teams and events around the world are downright weird, and one wonders what the creative teams responsible for their inception were thinking in the many brainstorming sessions before they went on the field for the first time.

Here are six of the strangest sports mascots ever created.

1. Wenlock and Mandeville

Created for the 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in London, it’s difficult to tell just what this cross between a minion and the Queen’s Armed Guard is supposed to represent.


2. Mackerel Jordan

As part of a 2016 half-time show during a match between Derby County and the Blackburn Rovers, a hungry fish entered the field. What happens next is really worth a watch.

3. The Chiba Lotte Marines fish

Sticking with the marine theme: leave it to Japan to create a mascot that looks rather passé… until it doesn’t.

4. Kingsley

Okay, so if you add intimidating the opposing team to the mascot’s job description, Scottish football team Patrick Thistle’s Kingsley certainly fits the bill. If you’re thinking, “well, I could have designed that myself”, take note that Kingsley was developed by none other than Turner Prize-nominated artist, David Shrigley.

5. Stuff the Magic Dragon

Its name is a nod to the 1965 Peter, Paul & Mary hit, “Puff the Magic Dragon”, but according to the Orlando Magic basketball team, its first name actually refers to rejecting a shot, or “stuffing” it. Whatever you say, Orlando Magic.

Stuff the Magic Dragon


6. Squatch

The mascot of the Seattle Supersonics is something between a gremlin and a wookie, and we really wouldn’t want to come across him in a dark alley late at night.

Squatch, mascot of the Seattle Supersonics


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