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5 ways to get the whole family active

Having a training partner with you on your fitness journey can do a lot in terms of keeping you motivated. Consequently, if you’ve committed yourself to a training programme or fitness regime, getting the whole family involved won’t just be motivational to you, it’ll also turn into bonding time with your tribe.

Having the family partake in all things active doesn’t mean lugging everyone to the gym – there are many ways to skin a cat. Here are some ideas for activities to get you going.

1. The great outdoors

In an era where screen time reigns supreme, getting out isn’t necessarily something that kids just do as they used to in the past. These days, parents need to actively try to entice their kids with activities that introduce them to the wonder of the great outdoors. Things like rollerblading, hiking, bike riding and speed walking are great activities for children, and will give them (and you) the exercise they need without even realising it.

2. Turn to games

Games like hopscotch, hide and seek, tag and Frisbee will have the family bonding and running around in no time. We bet you’ve forgotten just how strenuous some of these games can be!

3. Opt for walks before or after dinner

Making an activity like walking a part of the family’s routine will make exercise fit seamlessly into your life. Instead of watching TV before or after dinner, go for a family walk around the block. This will give you time to talk about what is going on in everyone’s lives, while also ensuring that you get some exercise, albeit not a full-blown training session.

4. Play some sports

There’s nothing quite like a friendly game of family lawn cricket, soccer, or touch rugby. Get the neighbours and their kids involved and form teams that play sports on the regular, for instance every Saturday morning. Sports have a way of creating healthy competition that is motivational in and of itself.

5. Make holidays an active affair

When you go on your yearly or quarterly holidays, try to work in a break that also has an active leg to it. Water sports and hiking aren’t just fun, they also give the family a pretty good workout. Holidays are meant to be a chance to rest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate at least one family-orientated exercise-based activity into it. You’ll probably never want to head somewhere where you can’t be active ever again.

Ultimately, getting the family involved with your exercise routine doesn’t just benefit everyone’s health and relationships, it also creates an active lifestyle that your kids will maintain for the rest of their lives. There really isn’t any greater gift to give.

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