Unusual Worldly Sports Tifosi

5 unusual sports from around the world that will leave you gobsmacked

To an alien visiting the earth from a distant galaxy, rugby might seem like an aggressive from of entertainment, not unlike the gladiatorial endeavours of centuries ago. Soccer, on the other hand, might seem like a real waste of perfectly good time.

If said aliens had to witness any of the following sports, though, goodness knows what conclusions they might draw.

1. Muggle quidditch

Enthusiastic students at US colleges invented a land version of the wizarding world’s most popular sport. Played on hockey fields, muggle quidditch is, of course, played by people who do not possess any magical abilities, but that’s not to say it isn’t magically fun!

2. Toe wrestling

The rules of this sport are largely based on those of arm wrestling, and the aim of the game is to pin down your opponent’s toes for three seconds. To be honest, this one makes us feel slightly uncomfortable.

3. Wife carrying

The annual World Wife Carrying Championships are held in Finland, and the name of the sport is self-explanatory. The game also originated in Finland, where local women were commonly abducted. While that is quite dark, we’re glad the unfortunate events could be turned into a game with a far more positive spin.

4. Gurning

The World Gurning Championships take place at the annual Egremont Crab Fair, and the only requirement is that participants pull the most distorted facial expression they can. We’re sure this sport requires exceptionally supple and trained facial muscles.

5. Dung spitting

Locally, dung spitting (or “bokdrol-spoeg”) competitions are a regular occurrence at traditional farmer’s festivals all over the country. The sport entails taking a piece of animal dung – traditionally the small and round dung of antelopes and goats – into your mouth, wetting it a little, and spitting it as far as possible. The person who spits their dung the furthest, wins.


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