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5 MTB tricks that will help you navigate the trails like a pro

While it technically isn’t considered an extreme sport, mountain biking certainly poses extreme challenges to riders who navigate the many trails that are available all over the country.

People who have just embarked on their MTB journey are sometimes a bit timid and wary of the obstacles on a trail, and a lack of skill and technique might see them rather opting for the chicken run than trying to traverse obstacles that are particularly challenging.

In this regard, MTB tricks aren’t just a way of looking like a pro (even if you don’t quite feel like a pro yet!) while riding, they are also a way to make it easier to navigate serious trails more easily. Here are five techniques that beginners will find handy.

1. Manual

The most basic of MTB manoeuvres, the manual lays the foundation for many other useful techniques, while also allowing riders to navigate a number of different types of obstacles.

2. Bunny hop

Once they’ve got the hang of the manual, the bunny hop assists riders to clear obstacles and jump over small logs or rocks.

3. Nollie

Essentially the opposite of a bunny hop, the nollie assists riders when going down slopes or getting through deep drops at higher speed.

4. Stoppie

When racing through a course at high speeds, riders sometimes have to come to an abrupt stop – and unfortunately this often leads to them flying over the handlebars. The stoppie allows riders to quickly stop the bike without losing control of it or falling off.

5. Endo turn

A natural progression of the stoppie, the endo stop is used to find your way around tight turns.

It is best to practice all these techniques before you head out on a trail to put them to the test, but once you have mastered them, they will help to increase your speed on a trail, without you having to skip more difficult obstacles along the way. Have riding techniques helped you to be a better MTB rider? Tell us in the comments below.

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