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5 high-protein recipes to boost and bulk

Protein is an important component of just about every cell in the body. This macronutrient is used to repair and build tissues in the body, and is the stuff that hair and nails are mostly made of.

Together with fat and carbohydrates, protein is one of three macronutrients, which means that the body needs relatively large amounts of it to function. Unlike carbs and fats, however, the body does not store protein, which necessitates that it be regularly replenished to fulfil its varied purposes.

The popularity of low-carb, high protein diets is no surprise, then, with everyone from bodybuilders to people seeking to shed extra kilos swearing by its nutritive properties.

Whatever the reason why you are looking to increase your protein intake, these five high-protein recipes will make meal planning a lot easier.

1. Spanish omelette with potatoes and chorizo

This might seem like the ideal high-protein breakfast, but this Spanish classic is great any time of the day. The spicy chorizo adds a distinctive flavour that will have you making this again in no time.

Spanish omelette with potatoes and chorizo

2. Slow-cooker squash lasagne

Turning the traditional Italian staple on its head, this dish requires just 15 minutes of preparation time, as the slow cooker does most of the work. The addition of squash, ricotta, spinach and mozzarella, together with the ease of its preparation, will make this one a new high-protein favourite.

Slow-cooker squash lasagne

3. Shrimp and fennel risotto

This dish takes a little time to prepare, but the results are certainly worth it. A hearty bowl of risotto is just what the doctor ordered, no matter the weather.

Shrimp and fennel risotto

4. Bean salad with bacon and chives

This speedy dish is all protein, but is also chockfull of healthy ingredients. It’s flavourful and one of our favourite ways to consume legumes.

Bean salad with bacon and chives

5. Beef, bacon and egg burger

Look, you can’t go wrong with this one. Is there anything better than homemade burgers, really? Some cheese will add an extra layer of protein, if you’re so inclined.

Beef, bacon and egg burger

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