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5 Great Gifts for cyclists

If you have a friend or family member that has just gotten into cycling or mountain biking, or know someone that has been doing it for years, you can’t go wrong by getting them a gift relating to their hobby this festive season.

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best gifts to get cyclists. If you’re a cyclist or mountain biker yourself, we won’t object if you decide to spoil yourself either!

Shades to make their next race rose-tinted

When going on early morning and day rides in December, taking the harsh South African sun into account is something all cyclists must do. Protect their eyes and help them to look stylish as they ride with Tifosi Optics’ Davos Hybrid Full Frame. These sunglasses have a set of three interchangeable lenses that will suit all light conditions, and vented lenses that prevent fogging.

Protect their heads

A good-quality helmet is an indispensable part of any riders cycling kit. Make sure their heads are protected with a MET crossover helmet. This helmet is suited for everyday riding and for the track, and shifts seamlessly between the two. The helmet also sports a removable visor, LED lighting, and a reflective sticker, perfect for night riding.

A backpack that holds everything and the kitchen sink

Every cyclist needs a place to store stuff during and after a ride. Compressport’s endless backpack’s name says it all. Stretching up to 20 times its original size, this backpack is perfect before, during and after a ride. Elastic straps keep it securely in place, whatever you’re doing.

Compression socks

Getting up hills and down slopes causes a deep burn that cyclists love to hate, but the effects of strenuous exercise often only become apparent once the ride is over. Wearing compression socks during rides helps your muscles to recover as you ride.

Padded bike shorts

Anyone that has gotten onto a bike and gone for daylong rides knows the effects of riding without chamois or proper padded bike shorts. Whether your friend is male or female doesn’t make a difference, and they’ll agree that you can never have too many pairs of padded bike shorts.

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