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5 accessories for fitness enthusiasts

People that love staying fit always want to be kitted out with accessories that are practical, yet aesthetically pleasing to the eye, too.

Compressport’s range of accessories make great gifts for any kind of sports and fitness enthusiast – have a look at what is on offer.

1. The UltraRun Backpack

Compressport’s UltraRun Backpack for guys and girls is simply the most practical way of storing everything you need on the road or trail. Featuring an ergonomic design with shock-absorbent silicone prints that prevent movement, pressure and chafing on sensitive parts of the body, this might be one of the most comfortable backpacks around.

The UltraRun Backpack has ample storage space: a total water capacity of 4 litres, together with space in the front for two 500ml soft flasks or two 750ml rigid bottles, and space in the back for a 650ml soft flask and a 1.5l water bladder. An extra lunar pocket provides a place to store energy bars, gels or a smartphone or other accessories. The automatic Xtenex shoelace system makes it easy to tighten or untighten the backpack.

2. The Ultralight Visor SwimBikeRun

Highly popular among many of our Compressport ambassadors, the Ultralight Visor SwimBikeRun is super-comfortable on the head. Thanks to its hydrophobic mesh and ultralight fabric, this visor dries in two ticks. The fibre of the visor has been given a thorough antibacterial treatment, preventing both the growth of bacteria and the development of bad odours.

The Ultralight Visor keeps you ventilated on the road, and off. It is available in a wide range of colours and designs.

3. The Compressport On/Off Headband

Never underestimate the comfort a good headband can provide on the road, trail or even in the gym or on the sports field. The hydrophobic fibre used to weave the On/Off Headband repels and wicks away any moisture, but is also ventilated with 1000 alveoli that keep your forehead cool, even during strenuous activity.

Irritation is a thing of the past, as the seamless design provides superior comfort. The Compressport On/Off Headband is available in a number of different colours.

4. The Compressport Race Belt

Everything one needs during the race is at hand with the Compressport Race Belt. Store your sustenance in four elasticated gel holders, and use the three clips for your race number and other necessities. The Compressport Race Belt is available in Bright White and Deep Black.

5. The Compressport Ergoflask

Proper hydration is possibly the most important aspect of any physical activity, and with the Ergoflask from Compressport, this will never be a problem. It allows for up to 600ml of fluid, is BPA-free, and is easily squeezable, yet very durable.

The Ergoflask can be stored in a belt or backpack with ease, and can be bought on its own, or with a 600ml valve long or short tube. You can never have enough of these!

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