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4 reasons to wear a visor for training and racing

Any athlete will tell you: making headwear a part of your running attire isn’t simply a fashion choice. Just like good running shoes and quality clothing, choosing to wear something on your head while running comes with a very specific purpose.

Still running hatless? Here are four reasons to consider making a visor a part of your running kit.

1. It protects you from the sun’s harmful rays

It goes without saying that sun protection is of paramount importance for runners who spend the days dedicated to their sport outdoors. A visor is a lightweight option that provides sun protection in addition to a high-SPF sunscreen, all while framing your view and keeping your focused on the road or trail ahead.

2. It keeps the sweat out of your eyes

Perspiring comes with the territory when you’re running, and having sweat constantly running into your eyes isn’t just uncomfortable – it may even take your focus away from the task at hand. Visors are the perfect way to keep perspiration from running into your eyes and down your face while you run.

3. A visor is cooler than a hat

Because it doesn’t have the top part like a traditional cap has, a visor is a cooler option, especially when running in warmer weather or during the hottest part of the day. Having the wind in your hair on a run goes a long way in keeping you cool.

4. It provides for more hairstyle options

Trying to devise a hairstyle that is both comfortable and practical for an extended run can prove a challenge, especially for women or for men with longer hair. Wearing a visor instead of a hat opens up the possibility of numerous hairstyles, instead of just having to manoeuvre a ponytail through a tiny hole.

Compressport has a range of visor options in colour options that are sure to tickle your fancy and keep you cool, comfortable and protected on your next run – check them out here.

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