The fibres of the sleeves are designed to also boost muscle recovery after training, by reducing muscle soreness and eliminating lactic acid. Relax in the Compressport V2.1 Full Socks, part of our recovery range

3 items from the Tifosi Sports lifestyle range that you didn’t know you needed

Any avid athlete will tell you that what they do isn’t simply a weekend activity – this is a lifestyle in the most real sense of the word.

That is why the items included in Tifosi Sports’ wide range of accessories are great additions to any athlete’s wardrobe. Check out these three cool pieces.

The 3D Thermo Seamless SwimBikeRun Hoodie

Great for workouts and for general every-day wearing, the 3D Thermo Seamless SwimBikeRun Hoodie is made from quick-drying hydrophobic composites that use 3D heat control to keep the body temperature consistent, thanks to a 3D thermo that is woven into the fabric.

3D shock-absorbing patches in the raglan sleeves provide localised support to the forearm muscles and the biceps, while a spin-control pressure pad helps to realign the shoulders and aid a good posture – both during activity and in periods of rest.

This hoodie is light and comfortable, and weighing only 180 grams, you probably won’t even be aware that you’re wearing it. The 3D Thermo Seamless SwimBikeRun Hoodie is available in grey and red, and it’s even less weighty sibling, the 3D Thermo Ultralight Hoodie is available in black.

The Compressport Flat Cap

Everybody loves a good flat cap, and the Compressport Flat Cap takes the urban look to the next level to throw shade in more ways than one. It fits any head shape, thanks to a nifty adjustment strap. Get the Compressport Flat Cap in black, red and white.

The Compressport Compression Full Socks V2.1

The recovery benefits of compression socks are hailed by pro-athletes all over the world. Compressport Compression Full Socks V2.1 are light for optimum thermo-regulation, but it’s the multi-directional 3D dots that really make the difference here. While preventing slippage, the 3D dots also provide a micro-massage of sorts to the feet as you move, either during activity of afterwards.

Graduated compression means the muscles in your feet and legs are oxygenated and toxins and lactic acid are eliminated.

Compression socks are an important part of post-race recovery, and if you don’t have a pair in your sports apparel arsenal yet, what are you waiting for? Get the Compressport Compression Full Socks V2.1 in black, blue, pink and white.

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