Here are 7 exercises to try the next time you head to the park for your workout

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Here are 7 exercises to try the next time you head to the park for your workout

Fitness buffs almost couldn’t contain their excitement when President Cyril Ramaphosa recently announced that parks would now also be open for exercise.

While it’s all good and well to walk and run in the park, these open spaces lend them to quite a few other exercises as well – here are seven to try the next time you go to the park for your workout.

  1. Stair Squats

You’ll feel the burn after doing a set of these stair squats from Technically Running.

  1. Stair Jumps

While you’ve got those stairs at your disposal, give your quads and hamstrings a workout and improve your stability with these stair jumps, also from Technically Running. Protect your knees by trying not to land too hard and absorbing the impact with your entire body, instead of just with your knees.

  1. Driving Incline Push-Up

Your abs and arms will get a workout with this incline push-up routine from Shape. All you need is a park bench or other surface.

  1. Explosive Pull-Ups

Pull-ups are a basic calisthenics exercise, but a small modification can help you to really put your back, quads, shoulders and biceps to the test. Find a strong branch or monkey bars and check out this video for a demonstration.

  1. Bulgarian Split Squat

Find a bench for support and try this Bulgarian split squat. Your glutes and quads might have grown a little lax due to lockdown, but they’ll soon be rock-hard again. Here’s how to do a Bulgarian split squat.

  1. Swing Crisscross

Is there a children’s swing set around? This seemingly simple exercise from Parents will wake up those tired abs once and for all.

  1. Plank Pair

Make sure your side abdominals don’t feel left out with this plank pair from Health. All you need is a flat rock, low fence or bench.

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