Here are 5 unusual sports from around the world

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Here are 5 unusual sports from around the world

If you thought curling was the strangest sport you’d ever seen, strap in, because you ain’t seen nothing yet. All over the world, people have committed themselves to sporting endeavours that may seem, to the unaccustomed eye, a little strange. And even if they might not get as much attention as other, more mainstream sporting activities, these unusual sports are definitely worth knowing about.

1. Hobbyhorsing

You might have played a rudimentary form of this sport without even knowing it. Hobbyhorsing originated in Finland, and sees thousands of participants compete in a range of equestrian and show jumping events whilst riding a hobbyhorse. As you can see in the video below, this sport does actually require quite a bit of skill from its participants – and its popularity is only growing.

2. The Lumberjack World Championships

There might not exist a more burly and masculine sport than this one, which features events like wood chopping, log rolling, climbing and sawing. The annual event has taken place since 1960 and is held in Hayward, Wisconsin. People go to participate from as far afield as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

3. Shin-kicking

The name is quite self-explanatory, and the rules are simple: two participants grab each other by the collar and continuously kick each other on the shin in order to bring their opponent to the ground. Shin-kicking is considered a combat sport, with some even calling it an English martial art.

4. Pillow Fight League

Let go of all the preconceptions you might have about pillow fights – this is far from the innocent fights you and your friends had when you were little. Started by two Canadian entrepreneurs, things get so intense during the Pillow Fight League that some people have suffered concussions and lost teeth.

5. Toe wrestling

Similar to thumb wars, the sport of toe wrestling was conceived in 1976 in a pub called Ye Royal Oak Inn. Lamenting that British athletes were rarely the best in the world at any sports, this rather unorthodox sport was born to prove the opposite.

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