New Rules.

New Routines.

Athletes Adapt.

Stay in and workout with these 20-minute home workouts.
Our partners at On International have teamed up with Swiss-based fitness experts Balboa to help you stay fit and energised from the comfort of your living room.
Whether you’re a fitness pro or new to indoor training, these 20-minute home workout videos are made for everyone. All you need is an open space and a healthy dose of determination.
These home workout videos were designed to help you sweat, burn calories and build strength. Each exercise can be achieved using just your bodyweight, so these classes can be done just about anywhere without the need for any gym equipment.

First up, some core training with Leandro.

Most runners tend to put all their focus on leg training. While your legs do the heavy lifting when you’re running, having a strong core can pay huge dividends. Putting time into training this area is a great way to add support and stability to your run.
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Lower-body interval training with Ian.

In this home workout, Ian Holland-Coulton guides us through a killer lower-body interval training session. You can push yourself just a little further by adding optional weights.
When Ian Holland-Coulton isn’t pushing people to their limits, he’s studying for a Masters in Sports Science.
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