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13 essential items to have on a ride for beginner-mountain bikers

If you’re just starting out, you’re probably not very familiar with the mechanics of a mountain bike and you might not know which items are essential to take along on a mountain bike ride.

You can always end a ride, in case the unexpected happens, and walk your bike back to “civilisation”, but who wants to do that when you can easily repair small damages to your bike and pedal back in a wink?

Here are at least 13 mostly essential items to pack when embarking on a ride in the great outdoors.

1. Two spare inner tubes

Roughing it up and down hills means you’ll probably encounter a flat at some point on your mountain biking journey. Packing two spare inner tubes will sort that right out.

2. A patch kit

Not having the right equipment to fix a punctured tyre can lead to huge frustration. Make sure that you have enough patches and good vulcanising rubber glue.

3. A small tyre pump

It goes without saying that a lightweight pump is always good to have around.

4. A tyre lever

You won’t often need a tyre lever to remove a tyre, but it comes very handy when you do need it.

5. Chain lubricant

Riding through streams and dust definitely affects your chain’s lubrication. Carry a small rag with your chain lubricant to wipe off the excess dust/grime after use.

6. Lip balm and sunscreen

The harsh African sun can take its toll on your skin and spoil an otherwise lovely ride. Many a rider has been sorry for not packing these two.

7. A packable rain jacket

You never know when the weather may change – you might land up being out for longer than you planned to be. A light jacket will keep you dry and warm.

8. A headlamp

Things happen, and you might one day find yourself heading back on a dark trail. Even if your helmet has a light attached on it, pack an extra headlamp if you have space.

9. A first-aid kit

Being a mountain biker means you’ll probably have your fair share of scrapes and knocks along the way. A small first-aid kit containing things like antiseptic wipes, plasters and bandages will help in case of emergency.

10. Water

Carrying some water along in either a bladder or water bottle will keep you hydrated on your ride.

11. A multi-tool

A multi-tool has many uses along the way – but make sure that you carry one that has pliers. Multi-tools made specifically for bikes have all the bits you’ll need to make some quick repairs in time of need.

12. Cable ties

Cable ties can be used for everything from fastening cables to fixing your shoes.

13. Some personal belongings

Taking along your phone, ID and some money – all essential in times of emergency – or just if you encounter a place to buy beer or refreshment on your route.

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