The 10 best active dog breeds

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The active pet lover would probably want to get a pet that will be able to keep up with its owner’s pace. Most dogs will always be eager to go out for a run or a walk, but some dogs have been bred for running, and these dogs will probably be the best option when you are looking to choose a pet that will enhance your active lifestyle.

Although most dogs would love to get out of the house, some dogs will just not be able to complete long-distance running programs without overheating. Therefore, we have put together a list of dogs that would suit your specific active needs.

1. Weimaraners

Active speciality: long, steady runs, speed running and trail running.

These extremely energetic animals need an abundant amount of exercise and always need to be close to their person. These traits make the Weimaraners the prefect running partner for the extremely fit runner.

2. Golden and Labrador Retriever

Active speciality: short runs, slow long runs.

Although these retrievers are completely different breeds, they exhibit the same qualities. They are very loving, friendly and loyal dogs that tend to get along with everyone. Their big bodies ensure that they can go the distance, and they need a high amount of exercise which make them the ideal running partners.

3. Beagles

Active speciality: Slow and brisk runs.

Beagles should not be underestimated – they are extremely active dogs that are quick and can sometimes even endure longer distances. They also require a lot of exercise, which make them great running companions.

4. Fox Terriers

Active speciality: Running in the heat.

These friendly and lively dogs are never-ending sources of energy. They can function in higher temperatures and will never turn their backs on any adventure.

5. Border Collies

Active speciality: Long and steady runs, running in cold temperatures.

These dogs are very energetic and easy to train. They can go the distance and are able to withstand chilly to cold weather conditions.

6. Jack Russel Terriers


Active speciality: continuous running, any weather.

The Jack Russel Terrier is a small breed filled with energy. They are extremely lively and should be trained and properly socialised. Jack Russel Terriers need constant exercise, which make them one of the best small breed running choices.

7. Dalmatians

Active speciality: long and steady runs.

Dalmatians are energetic dogs, and are known for the distinctive spots all over their bodies. They were bred to run next to carriages, which could take hours, and this makes the Dalmatian the perfect endurance running dog.

8. Corgis

Active speciality: Short and brisk runs.

Corgis should not be overlooked because of their short legs. They are extremely active creatures, they enjoy running and are actually quite speedy. They require tons of exercise and are easy to train.

9. Poodles

Active speciality: Short and steady runs.

The standard Poodle might look like a pampered housedog, but is actually extremely intelligent and patient with children, and are easy to train and very energetic. These dogs need a lot of stimulation and exercise.

10. The Mutt


Active speciality: unique to each dog.

Non-purebred dogs usually have a quirky set of qualities, which makes these dogs quite unique. They normally boast overly friendly and energetic personalities.

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